Let Macedonia be on your filmmaking map as a beautiful country with breathtaking
landscapes, exceptional and skilled local talents and professionals, production companies that have
an impressive record in domestic and international production, lowest taxes in the region and
Europe and 20% production incentive.

…The magic of the Republic of Macedonia is awaiting you …
Explore its beauty.

Macedonian Production, Incentive and Location Guide download, HERE

Macedonia is a small country, but one with a vibrant film industry. It has strong -production and service companies, along with skilled technicians. There are around 280 sunny days a year, low taxes, low operation costs and competitive labour costs. Striking landscapes and a stunning array of shooting locations mountain valleys, forests, a medieval fortress, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, an island, and small desert can all be found in Macedonia. Macedonia is one of the most attractive destinations for cultural tourism in Europe. There is a strong road and rail network. The country is compact, easy to get around, with mountains, rural locations, lakes and urban settings only one-hour drive from the cities of Skopje and Bitola. Macedonia is home to some 1,000 churches and monasteries and more than 4,200 archaeological sites.


A 20% cash rebate on qualifying Macedonian spend of at least $113,000 (€100,000) for international producers was introduced in 2014. They need to work with a local production partner.
• low taxes
- vat of 18% to all taxable sales and import, except to sales and import taxable with the preferential rate of 5%(ex. for hotel & catering the rate is 5%) - personal income tax of 10%
- income from copyright and industrial property rights - depending on the type of the artwork (paintings, artistic work in music,
• low operational costs
Macedonia is one of the most cost-competitive locations in Europe. • competitive labor cost advantage in Europe
• exceptional and skilled production companies and crew Macedonia with experience in international production.
• quality production service for films cgi, vfx, sfx


There are many well-regarded service companies. Most technicians speak reasonable English. Macedonia is a member of Eurimages and an active co-producer, providing opportunities for local talent. The local industry can host three big international projects at the same time.