Award cerenmony of Mobile Festival 2016

26th of November Skopje, Macedonia
With great pleasure we inform you that the 7th edition of International Mobile Film Festival wrapped successfully on 26 November in Macedonian Cinematheque with the award ceremony for best mobile phone films. Mostly young audience, film authors and film fans were present at the ceremony, and had a chance to see a selection of films that were submitted on the festival call. Three-member jury selected the best authors in five categories. The jury was composed of Vanco Mirakovski, editor, Damjana Ivanovska, filmologist at the Cinematheque of Macedonia and Srebra Gjorgjijevska, journalist. All the participants received certificates of appreciation. The festival was held with the support of the Macedonian Film Agency, City of Skopje, MEPSO, Cinematheque of Macedonia, Youth Cultural Centre. Two workshops for stop-motion were held within the 7th edition, one for children in cooperation with the festival “Cinedays” and the other in collaboration with the High school “Josip Broz Tito”. Also there were two screenings of children’s films in the Cinematheque of Macedonia, from German and Dutch production. Here is the list of awarded films:
The selected films will enter the competition for the following awards:
  • The award for best film “Ratka Ilievska- Lale”, which consists of a scholarship awarded by the University of Audiovisual Arts ESRA Skopje went for the film Why? – Directed by Murat Zherka WHY? is the question that this film propounds, and which with its social commitment successfully offers the viewer the response. The film successfully presents the problem of pollution, especially topical today, and offers a successful display of the innocence of children and the approach of the danger that lurks in the teddy bear wearing a gas mask. Link to film:
  • Award for best film in the domestic programme “Young talents” went to „Recursion“ – directed by Anastasija Tochevska „Recursion“ is an intensely mystical-philosophical thinking of the self existence. In the form of question and answer, the young man lost in the woods gets “knowledge” for himself, his existence. The author successfully guides the story in a mystical setting and it gives the “knowledge” to the audience only given to selected people.
  • Award for most inventive film
    Sonar– a group of artists from the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg in Ludwigsburg, Germany Gloomy, inventive and original film
  • Award for most original story
    One, Two, Monologues – directed by Blerina Goce from Albania The socially engaged documentary approach of the author truly represents the misery in which live a lot of marginalized families in Tirana
  • Award for best idea
    “Bubbles do not Lie”- directed by Stepan Etrych, Czech Republic Excellent comedy with a good idea and a successful rate of representation of comic elements will not leave the audience indifferent.
The production and distribution company KT Film & Media is organizing the festival with the support from the Macedonian Film Agency, the City of Skopje and MEPSO AD-Skopje.

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